Aqua fitness

Aqua fitness promotes your well-being

Aqua fitness is an effective type of strength and endurance training in the water. Find a wide range of suitable training equipment for a variety of modern water exercises from the fields of aqua jogging, aqua pilates, aqua boxing and more. This equipment will support you with well thought-out features for many exercises and will make aqua fitness training even more effective.

Aqua fitness: wide range of training equipment
Aqua fitness has developed into a true trend sport. It is no longer just a question of simple water exercises, there is now also a wide variety of highly efficient disciplines such as aqua jogging, aqua cycling, aqua pilates or aqua boxing for training in the water. They all come under the general term ‘aqua fitness’. Sport in the water facilitates particularly effective and, at the same time, low-impact strength and endurance training. Buoyancy in the water benefits the body by significantly reducing the net body weight. As a result, there is considerably less strain on the joints compared to exercising on dry land. At the same time, the resistance when jogging in the water is higher than on land. Exercises therefore require significantly more strength.

Train effectively with aqua fitness training equipment
In Sport-Thieme’s wide range of products, you will find professional training equipment for different aqua fitness disciplines for use in both shallow and deep water. Products such as jogging belts or leg floats ensure better buoyancy, e.g. for aqua jogging. For step exercises, foam leg floats, such as the Aqua Twins, are also ideally suited for providing buoyancy and increasing resistance. Dumbbells or special gloves also increase the water resistance and ensure an effective arm and upper body aqua fitness workout.