Do you like swimming?

Then you have come to the right place – Sport-Thieme’s online swim shop. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for recreational or competitive sport. Discover our range of training equipment, swimming pool accessories and, of course, products that make learning to swim even easier. Also: all sorts of modern training equipment for aqua fitness and plenty of accessories for ultimate swimming fun.

Swimming: top equipment from renowned brands
If you are serious about swimming or training, you’ll have certain requirements in regards to equipment. Materials, shape and design should be modern and obviously need to meet your requirements. Therefore, it’s best to buy swimming goggles, swimming caps, swimming fins and diving accessories from the professionals: Sport-Thieme. Did you know that we also offer lots of water therapy products? You can pick your favourite from a wide range of swimming belts, swimming collars and even water trampolines.

Swimming: training equipment and accessories
As well as accessories such as high-quality swimming goggles, swimming caps and swimming fins, you can also find the most up-to-date aqua fitness training equipment from renowned brands such as Beco and Aqua Sphere in Sport-Thieme’s online swim shop. Exercising in water is a particularly joint-friendly alternative to conventional strength and endurance training and is also ideal for older people. Different water games and fun accessories are great for children and help them learn to swim, encouraging fun in the water.

Sport-Thieme brings to you a wide range of high quality sports products at fair and reasonable prices. We now provide over 15,000 products and accessories for more than 45 types of sports activities 24 hours a day. Profit from our 65 years of sports business experience and know how.

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