Step boards for the gym and at home

Step boards help you get the best from your aerobics workout. Intensive stepping on and off to lively music and varied choreography guarantee an uplifting workout. Order the right steps quickly and easily at Sport-Thieme. Rubber bases for step boards are also available as spares at Sport-Thieme.
Step boards for the gym and at home
Really get your circulation going, burn off energy and exercise all muscle groups: all part of step-aerobics. Exercising on the step board can be done alone at home but it’s much more fun in a group done to a lively beat. Step is great for endurance and strength, but stretching and relaxation exercises are also possible with the aerobic stepper.
Which step board?
The right step boards are important for healthy, injury-free exercising. They should have a non-slip surface, good cushioning qualities and a firm base. Step boards are very versatile and height-adjustable. A higher step increases the intensity. A higher setting can be useful for some stretching exercises. The "Reebok Deck" can be folded upward and turns into an incline bench, offering even more exercise possibilities.