Fitness equipment

Fitness Equipment in the studio or at home

In Sport-Thieme‘s Fitness Shop we have a large range of Fitness Eqipment you need for fitness training in the studio or at home. Dumbbells, tubes, steps, cross trainers or the whole fitness equipment range: In our extensive range, we have high-quality fitness equipment from all the renowned manufacturers – from individual items right up to the complete set-up for gyms.

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Fitness equipment for the studio and at home
Fitness is just as important for a healthy body as eating and sleeping. Regular endurance training keeps the cardio-vascular system in motion and promotes fat burning. Targeted strength training not only makes for a flatter stomach and firm buttocks, but can also counteract and prevent symptoms such as back pain. Whether you prefer studio or home training, whether you’re looking for physiotherapy equipment or even a complete gym set-up: at Sport-Thieme we have can offer you a large number of fitness equipment.

Finding the right training equipment
Equipment for Fitness at Sport-Thieme which is ideal for home training is marked by the “home sport” label. Sport-Thieme offers a wide range of high-quality exercise machines from renowned manufacturers such as Bremshey, Kettler, Reebok & co. In the “semi-professional” category, you will find fitness sports equipment perfect for hotels, clubs or private customers with more stringent requirements. Fitness equipment marked "professional" is suitable for gyms or treatment rooms.

Sport-Thieme brings to you a wide range of high quality sports products at fair and reasonable prices. We now provide over 15,000 products and accessories for more than 45 types of sports activities 24 hours a day. Profit from our 65 years of sports business experience and know how.

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