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Swimming training equipment for technique, speed & endurance

Make your swimming training more effective with swimming training equipment: train using modern swimming training methods and improve your swimming technique, speed and endurance to gain that crucial advantage in competitions. Take a look at the latest swimming training equipment at Sport-Thieme.

Ameo Powerbreather Snorkel »

Breathe more freely than ever in water
  • Perfect for fitness or leisure swimming and snorkelling
  • Adapts to fit any head shape perfectly
  • FreshAir System ensures an optimal oxygen supply
  • Can be put on quickly
  • Comfortable to wear
Each £ 77.60

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Egg Flips

Egg Flips

Set of 10 was £ 17.20
Now only £ 13.80

A wide range of products from top sports brands
Swimming training equipment: in our online swim shop, you’ll find a wide selection of training equipment – for swimming training in the water or on dry land. Discover swimming training equipment such as pull buoys, pull kicks, swim benches, swimming gloves, swimming paddles, swimming watches, products for technique training or pull cords. Work on improving your swimming technique, endurance and muscle strength in your arms and legs using training aids. Choose from excellent sports brands including Sport-Thieme, Beco and Arena.

Swimming training equipment for dry-land training
Our swimming training equipment is ideal for different swimming abilities from sports clubs up to competitive sports. With dry-land training equipment, you can fine-tune your technique in the different swimming strokes: breaststroke, backstroke, front crawl or butterfly. Take a look at equipment such as swimming ergometers, isokinetic or triathlon training equipment. Increase the resistance, strengthen your muscles and develop your swimming technique using training gloves and swimming paddles. It’s easy to buy swimming training equipment online from Sport-Thieme.