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Pedalo Foot Trainers

product details
Pedalo Foot Trainers
Pedalo Foot Trainers
Pedalo Foot Trainers
Pedalo Foot Trainers
Pedalo Foot Trainers
Pedalo Foot Trainers
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The Pedalo foot trainers allow you to train with your feet angled in every possible way, meaning that you can train your natural foot torsion in a targeted and functional way.
  • Mobilisation and stabilisation of the forefoot and the hindfoot
  • Training of the foot joints and heel straightening
  • Stabilisation and correction of the leg axes
  • Tilting behaviour adjustable to 7 different degrees
  • With non-slip cork mats

Product description

Pedalo foot trainers – for healthy feet
The Pedalo foot trainers are an important piece of equipment for maintaining a healthy foot and preventing foot deformities. Each foot trainer has two pads to stand on, one for the forefoot and one for the heel. Each pad has a hook-and-loop fastening surface on the underside, to which the tilt bars can easily be attached. The tilt bars are attached separately for the forefoot and the hindfoot. This offers a special advantage: although the two pads are connected, they can move independently of one another.

Use in therapy
The Pedalo foot trainers are used in therapy for a variety of foot problems. A great advantage is that it is adjustable along all axes (extension, flexion, supination and pronation). The adjustment is made through the positioning of the tilt bars. The foot trainers can be used to treat weaknesses and malpositions of the feet such as fallen arches and splayfoot, training of leg axis stability, heel straightening and leg axis correction.

Product information:
  • 1 pair of standing pads
  • L×W: 33×12 cm each
  • Material: birch plywood
  • 7 tilt bars (5 long, 2 short) with hook-and-loop fastening
  • Weight: Approx. 0.8 kg
  • Max. load: 150 kg
The must-have piece of equipment for the treatment of feet in physiotherapy and rehabilitation – order the Pedalo foot trainers now at Sport-Thieme.

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Pedalo Foot Trainers

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