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Pertra "Construction" Box

product details
Pertra "Construction" Box
Pertra "Construction" Box
Pertra "Construction" Box
Pertra "Construction" Box
Pertra "Construction" Box
Pertra "Construction" Box
Pertra "Construction" Box
Pertra "Construction" Box
Pertra "Construction" Box
Pertra "Construction" Box
Pertra "Construction" Box
Pertra "Construction" Box
Pertra "Construction" Box
Pertra "Construction" Box
Pertra "Construction" Box
Pertra "Construction" Box
Pertra "Construction" Box
Pertra "Construction" Box
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With the Pertra "Construction" box, children can create simple or more complex paths by placing the pieces in a sequence.
  • For creating roads and paths
  • Fosters spatial/positional awareness
  • Hand-eye coordination exercises

Product description

The Pertra® “Construction” box – spatial design in a limited space.
The Pertra® “Construction” box fosters spatial as well as positional awareness. And users can improve their hand-eye coordination by following trails they create.

Main uses:
  • Spatial/positional awareness
  • Recognising spatial relationships
  • Spatial constructive skills
  • Visuomotor coordination
  • Gauging the application of force
  • Differentiation

Product information:
  • Box dimensions: 65x44x9 cm
  • 167 pieces
  • Base board not included
The Pertra "Construction" box: 4 practical example exercises

Exercise 1: "Construction"
The child creates a path to match the template, allowing them to experience the challenge of correctly orienting the tiles to replicate the course of the path. They then follow the path with the car, before progressing onto using the car to transport the wooden ball from the start box to the destination box. This exercise helps users practise their hand-eye coordination and gauging the amount of force to apply.

Exercise 2: "Making shapes"
In this exercise, a shape is placed on the standard base board and covered with the selector. The child then moves the selector across the base board. As the selector moves, it reveals new sections of the shape. The child has to memorise the sections to be able to then draw the shape on paper.

Exercise 3: "Planning"
A bone-shaped piece is placed horizontally in the top left corner and the aim is to move it to the bottom right corner. During each move, the ‘bone’ may only be rotated by 90 degrees around one of its two ball axles. The bone must not leap over the wooden balls placed as obstacles. The child has to plan move by move, gaining experience with thinking ahead.

Exercise 4: "Tactile forensics"
The pre-built Pertra path is covered and must be felt with the fingers. The aim is to then recreate it. To do this the child will require tactile perception of spatial position and relationships, a retentive memory, a figurative imagination and attentiveness.

Order your Pertra "Construction" box online from Sport-Thieme now.

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