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Pedalo "5S" Coordination Obstacle Course

Effective exercise as you pass by

product details
Pedalo "5S" Coordination Obstacle Course

Incl. instructions at every station

Pedalo "5S" Coordination Obstacle Course
Pedalo "5S" Coordination Obstacle Course
Pedalo "5S" Coordination Obstacle Course
Pedalo "5S" Coordination Obstacle Course
Pedalo "5S" Coordination Obstacle Course
Pedalo "5S" Coordination Obstacle Course
Pedalo "5S" Coordination Obstacle Course
Pedalo "5S" Coordination Obstacle Course
Pedalo "5S" Coordination Obstacle Course
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The Pedalo "5S" coordination obstacle course allows you to "exercise as you pass by" with 5 simple exercise stations. Give your employees, guests or patients the opportunity to get moving.
  • With 5 self-explanatory pieces of coordination equipment
  • Holistic training with short, effective exercises
  • A brand-new training concept – whether used regularly or just on an occasional basis
  • Can be used anywhere: in office buildings, hotels and rehabilitation or therapy centres
  • Effective training effect on the entire vestibular motor system
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Product description

The Pedalo coordination obstacle course – fitness for everyone
This coordination obstacle course makes the concept of effective training in short bursts without significant effort a reality. Each station in the coordination obstacle course features an illustrated exercise board for independent training. The exercises develop movements along the body axes and therefore place demands on different function areas and muscle groups at the same time. As a result, training impacts on all of the vestibular motor system and with just a few minutes per day, coordination can be noticeably improved.

The Pedalo coordination obstacle course – keep your company fit
This obstacle course is ideal for exercising in the workplace: the individual exercise stations require very little space. Simply place the machines in corridors, in the hallway, in communal areas or in the canteen within your building. You don't have to wear sports kit whilst exercising on these machines. The exercise boards explain the exercises in a simple and easily understandable way. This means that your employees can do something to improve their coordination on the way to their lunch break. Exercising at work not only keeps your employees healthy, but also has a positive impact on motivation and creativity. With exercises at different difficulty levels, the coordination obstacle course offers movement opportunities for everyone from office staff to top athletes to senior citizens.

Possible locations:
  • City councils, airports, schools and colleges
  • In the workplace
  • Recreational facilities and hotel complexes
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Therapy and rehabilitation facilities
  • Care homes
  • Trade fairs and events

The Pedalo coordination obstacle course includes:
  • Front rocker: exercises calf muscles, the front shin muscles and improves reactions.
  • Side rocker: develops leg axis stability and balance, and improves posture and movement coordination.
  • Springboard: improves reactions, stabilises the entire posture and musculoskeletal system, improves coordination of the inter-segmental muscles.
  • Disc: exercises all of the leg muscles, torso, back and stomach muscles, relieves the joints and improves stability.
  • Twister: mobilises the spine, strengthens and loosens the muscles in your core, helps to relieve muscle tension.

More information:
  • Equipment made from birch multiplex wood
  • Boards made from aluminium, supports made from powder-coated steel tubing
  • Total shipping weight: 85.8 kg

The Pedalo coordination obstacle course – movement for everyone
A lot of people suffer from muscle tension and backache triggered by incorrect body posture, monotonous strain and a lack of movement. Lengthy absences from work and high costs are often the result. In order to prevent this, an increasing number of companies now offer occupational health management. The "5S" coordination obstacle course offers your employees a counterbalance to those long hours spent sitting in front of the PC. Placed in the hallway, the office or the break room, the compact exercise stations let you take short breaks to move around or move while you work – preventing tension and leaving heads clear for more efficiency.

Whether in an office building, clinic, care home or hotel – encourage fitness and movement with the Pedalo "5S" coordination obstacle course!

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