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Sport-Thieme "Universal" Volleyball Set

The complete set

product details
Sport-Thieme "Universal" Volleyball Set

Made from galvanised steel tubing
With sliders for height adjustment

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The set consists of 

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The Sport-Thieme "Universal" volleyball unit is a complete set that has many different uses in school and recreational sports.
  • Perfectly suited to school and recreational sports
  • Complete set for lots of playing fun
  • With freely adjustable net height
The Sport-Thieme "Universal" volleyball unit: perfectly equipped
The Sport-Thieme "Universal" volleyball unit has 1 pair of posts, 2 ground sockets, 1 volleyball net and 1 game ball: you get a complete set and are therefore perfectly equipped for a game. The knotless polypropylene net has integrated reinforced fibreglass/polyester rods at each end for a perfect fit and 2 tensioning cords and quick-release fasteners on each side. The net height is also freely adjustable on the posts using a slider.

  • Made from galvanised steel tubing, ø 83 mm
  • Length: 300 cm
  • With sliders for height adjustment
  • 1 slider with guide pulley, 2 sliders with hooks for net attachment
  • Net height freely adjustable
  • Weight: approx. 37.5 kg

Volleyball net:
  • Made from polypropylene, knotless, approx. 3 mm thick
  • Net dimensions (WxH): 9.50x1 m
  • Mesh width: approx. 10 cm
  • With integrated reinforced fibreglass/polyester rods at each end for a perfect fit
  • Kevlar rope at the top, approx. 11.70 m long
  • 4-point attachment
  • 2 tensioning cords and quick-release fasteners on each side
  • Top edging made from polyester, approx. 70 mm wide, white
  • Bottom edging made from polyester, approx. 50 mm wide, white
  • Net colour: black
  • With "DVV II" certificate
  • Antenna set not included

Don't miss out and order the Sport-Thieme "Universal" volleyball unit now.
Information on volleyball
Volleyball is a team sport that is played worldwide between 2 teams, each with 6 players. Each team has 3 attackers and 3 defenders.

Court: a volleyball court is 18 m long and 9 m wide. Each team plays in one 9x9-m half of the court. The net divides the two playing areas and extends either side 25-50 cm over the sidelines.

For official international competitions that comply with FIVB regulations, there must be a minimum free space of minimum 5 m from the sidelines and minimum 8 m from the end lines. The free space required above the court for official international competitions must be a minimum of 12.5 m measured from the playing surface.

Net height: the official net height varies depending on gender. The net is located vertically above the middle line, the upper edge at a height of 2.43 for men and 2.24 for women and girls over 15 years old. The net height for male youth teams (15-18 years old) is 2.35 m, and for schoolchildren under 14 years of age is 2.20 m.

Post distance: the distance between posts should be 11 m. The posts must be at a distance of 0.5-1.0 m from each sideline, measured from the post padding to the sideline. The distance must be the same on either side.

Points (rally point system): the rally point system means that points can be scored during each rally, regardless of which team served the ball. A point is scored when the ball hits the ground of the opposing team or when the other team hits the ball out. A set in volleyball is played to 25 points and a game is best of five sets. One set can only be won with at least 2 points difference. The deciding 5th set is played to 15 points.

Volleyball for those with disabilities: the court measurements, net height and equipment are the same as standard volleyball rules. Therefore friendlies and tournament games between both able-bodied players and players with disabilities are easily possible.

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Sport-Thieme "Universal" Volleyball Set

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Easy to use and install I wasn't sure which product would be suitable most in my situation, so I contacted customer services - they are very responsive and to the point. Fast and convenient delivery. Happy after installation: easy to set up at any possible height you might want (also very low = easy for kids).

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Rated on: 29 April 2020

Bought on: 17 March 2020

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