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Training Aids

Training aids: varied and effective

Training aids are small pieces of equipment that give your workout a great amount of variety. Our football training aids help to improve your dribbling, jump strength, stamina and response times as well as strength and speed, all while still being great fun. Whether you’re looking for dummy walls, coordination ladders, slalom poles or mini hurdles, header training equipment or resistance trainers: the Sport-Thieme online shop offers you a wide range of different training aids that are perfect for clubs, schools and private use.

Training aids improve your session
A passionate coach prepares their team thoroughly for everything that can happen in a 90-minute match. In the last few years, technical skill has become increasingly important in football. Besides receiving the ball, passing, volleys and shooting, footballers of today now also train their strength, speed and responsiveness in particular. Resistance trainers are training aids that have been specifically designed to help with this and require full physical exertion, regardless of whether you’re training with a speed chute on your back or are using a Reivo band to bind you to your teammate.

Training aid sets
The training methods for an effective football training session are very varied, as is the range of training aids on offer. This is where you benefit from the sets: on the Sport-Thieme website you’ll find specialised sets of football training aids which allow you to create an innovative and particularly varied training session. Slalom poles, coordination ladders, rings or tyres, skipping ropes and cone hurdles are all included and can be used to construct fantastic training circuits. Encourage and challenge yourself or your trainees to your heart’s content and discover a diverse range of football training aids on the Sport-Thieme website