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Sport-Thieme Intercrosse School Set

product details
Sport-Thieme Intercrosse School Set
Sport-Thieme Intercrosse School Set
Sport-Thieme Intercrosse School Set
Sport-Thieme Intercrosse School Set
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W0-IL1168684 * £198.–
Leaves warehouse Fri. 25/06 - Mon. 28/06

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15-piece intercrosse set for schools and clubs.
  • Intercrosse school set
  • 6 red sticks
  • 6 blue sticks
  • 3 balls
  • Ideal game for PE lessons

Product description

The set consists of:
  • 6 intercrosse sticks, red (1168671)
  • 6 intercrosse sticks, blue (1168668)
  • 3 intercrosse balls

High-quality intercrosse sticks
  • 70 cm-long aluminium shaft
  • With strong plastic basket
  • Basket and shaft are screwed together
  • Total length 102 cm
  • Available colours: blue and red

Intercrosse ball:
  • Made from soft plastic
  • Diameter: approx. 67 mm
  • Weight: approx. 62 g
  • Orange
Information on intercrosse:
Intercrosse is a team sport, where a soft plastic ball is hit into the goal on the other side of the court using an intercrosse stick.

Intercrosse can be played indoors on either a basketball court (28.80x13.50 m) or a handball court (40x20 m). If these courts aren’t available, compromise with a playing field. The playing area consists of two zones; an attack and a defence zone. There are no offside rules. Each player can move freely around the court.

Each player has an intercrosse stick with a plastic basket on the end. This basket is used to catch and throw the plastic ball.

A team consists of a minimum of 5 players: a goalkeeper and 4 players on the court. The aim of the game is to get the ball into the street hockey-sized goal on the other side of the court.

Advantages of intercrosse:
  • It is a quick team game
  • Simple rules, meaning everyone can understand it quickly
  • The game encourages the cultivation of relationships, as a team wins and not an individual
  • International game
  • A fair game: body and stick contact are not allowed
  • Game for both indoors and outdoors
  • The game can be played in different ways
  • Ideal game for PE lessons
Product rating 7

Sport-Thieme Intercrosse School Set

4.33 of 5 Stars: Very good

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