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Sport-Thieme "Stable" Beach Volleyball Set

product details
Sport-Thieme "Stable" Beach Volleyball Set Without protective post padding, Net without coating
Version Price ( Set ) Delivery date Quantity ( Set )
Sport-Thieme "Stable" Beach Volleyball Set Net without coating, Without protective post padding, Without protective post padding, Net without coating Net without coating W0-IL1156430 * £1,849.–
Leaves warehouse Fri. 28/05 - Sun. 13/06
Sport-Thieme "Stable" Beach Volleyball Set Net with coating , Without protective post padding, Without protective post padding, Net with coating Net with coating W0-IL1156443 * £1,946.–
Leaves warehouse Sat. 05/06 - Mon. 21/06

*All prices quoted include statutory VAT. Delivery extra.


  • Beach volleyball set
  • Net size complies with international regulations (WxH): 9.5x1 m
  • Posts 150x150x3 mm
  • Net height: 224 cm, non-adjustable
  • Made from steel, hot-dip galvanised

Product description

"Stable" beach volleyball set

Super sturdy, vandalism-proof design with a Dralo volleyball net – the cut-proof volleyball net in an attractive design!

The set consists of:
  • 1 pair of "Stable" beach volleyball posts (1156414)
  • 1 Dralo beach volleyball net without coating (1156427) or with coating (1163908)
  • Optionally available with protective post padding (1161726)

Beach volleyball posts:
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel
  • Posts: 150x150x3 mm
  • Length: 290 cm
  • With net eyelets welded on for holding the net
  • Net height 224 cm, not adjustable
  • No side tensioning ropes are required for these posts
  • Anti-theft as standard
  • Includes 2 tensioning locks
  • Comes with 2 ground sockets, complies with VOB DIN 18360

Beach volleyball net:
  • Made from galvanised wire rope (Dralo), approx. 2 mm thick
  • Upper edging band made of coated webbing, approx. 160 mm wide, yellow
  • 2 wire tensioning ropes on each side, approx. 100 cm long
  • Net size complies with international regulations (WxH): 9.50x1 m
  • Mesh width approx. 10 cm
  • Weight: approx. 9.8 kg

Net versions:
  • Without coating
  • With 2.5-mm-thick green plastic coating

Our tip: If players occasionally grab hold of the net, coated steel wire rope is much softer and more pleasant to touch.
Information about the net: everyone has heard of problems such as cut and burnt nets in public play areas and sports grounds. Of course, you could use wire mesh fence or metal lattice fencing. However, these products absorb hardly any sound and are noisy when the ball hits them, which could disturb neighbours. Textile products are ideal for controlling noise; steel or wire products are ideal for preventing vandalism.

Vandalism-proof nets made from Dralo, have a modern and attractive design and can only be destroyed with extreme force. They offer great noise control and protection against vandalism. Clanking noises when the ball hits them are a thing of the past.

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Sport-Thieme "Stable" Beach Volleyball Set

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Rated on: 11 January 2016

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