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Sport-Thieme® "Jump" Basketball Unit

For outdoor play

product details
Sport-Thieme® "Jump" Basketball Unit  Standard

TÜV approval only in conjunction with post protection padding

Sport-Thieme® "Jump" Basketball Unit  With 65-cm overhang
Sport-Thieme® "Jump" Basketball Unit  Standard
Sport-Thieme® "Jump" Basketball Unit  Standard
Sport-Thieme® "Jump" Basketball Unit  Standard
Sport-Thieme® "Jump" Basketball Unit  Standard
Sport-Thieme® "Jump" Basketball Unit  Standard Standard
Sport-Thieme® "Jump" Basketball Unit  With 65-cm overhang With 65-cm overhang
Sport-Thieme® "Jump" Basketball Unit  Standard
Sport-Thieme® "Jump" Basketball Unit  Standard
Sport-Thieme® "Jump" Basketball Unit  Standard
Sport-Thieme® "Jump" Basketball Unit  Standard
Version Price ( Each ) Delivery time Quantity ( Each )
Sport-Thieme® "Jump" Basketball Unit  Standard Standard W0-IL1162006 * £ 499.00
AVAILABILITY: Leaves warehouse in 7-10 days
Sport-Thieme® "Jump" Basketball Unit  With 65-cm overhang With 65-cm overhang W0-IL1162019 * £ 519.00
AVAILABILITY: Leaves warehouse in 7-10 days

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5 Jahre Garantie TÜV Austria GS
The “Jump” basketball unit is specially designed for outdoor use. Comes with everything you need to set up the unit straight away.
  • Weatherproof: for outdoor use
  • Practical: unit can be removed from the socket
  • Made from aluminium: particularly sturdy and rust-proof
  • Available both with and without an overhang
  • TÜV-approved in conjunction with protective post padding
The “Jump” basketball unit – playing fun for all ages
The “Jump” basketball unit is great fun particularly for children and teenagers as the hoop height can be adjusted in the “Standard” version. This makes it easier for kids to score a basket, quickly giving them a sense of achievement.

Available versions:

The hoop height can be adjusted from 100-305 cm – the official competition height. Therefore, the unit guarantees basketball fun for all ages. In addition, this system is also suitable for wheelchair basketball. The board is close to the post, the unit does not have an overhang.

With 65 cm overhang
There is an overhang of 65 cm thanks to the angled tower construction. The hoop height is 305 cm, and therefore complies with official competition heights. The hoop height cannot be adjusted.

The post can easily be removed from the socket so that it can be stored safely when not in use. This protects against theft and vandalism.

The unit is not suitable for dunks.

The set consists of:
  • 1 aluminium basketball post including ground socket with cover
  • “Standard” version: 1 GRP backboard, 120x90 cm (1161029)
  • “With 65-cm overhang” version: 1 GRP street basketball backboard, 110x73x2 cm (1164318)
  • 1 basketball hoop that complies with DIN EN 1270 (1160909)
  • 1 basketball net made from nylon (1162501)

Basketball post:
  • Sturdy aluminium post (80x80 mm)
  • Includes 500-mm ground socket

Basketball backboard:
The “Jump” standard unit comes with a board 120x90x3.7 cm, the “Jump” unit with overhang comes with a street basketball board 110x73x2 cm.

Product information:}
  • Backboard made from fibreglass-reinforced plastic
  • With 16-mm solid wooden core (board 120x90 cm) or 6.4-mm solid wooden core (board 110x73 cm)
  • No hoop sections
  • Regulation markings
  • Black markings

[Basketball hoop:

  • Solid 20-mm-thick steel hoop
  • Complies with DIN EN 1270
  • Basketball hoop size: diameter (inner) 450 mm
  • With 12 ring eyelets for attaching net
  • Weatherproof – suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Colour: orange

The basketball hoop for indoors and outdoors – ideal for schools, clubs and private use!

Basketball net:
  • Nylon net, woven, 6 mm thick
  • 12 point attachment
  • Colour: white
  • Made in accordance with international regulations
  • Weatherproof – suitable for indoors and outdoors

The basketball unit for children, teenagers and adults can be easily adjusted and guarantees long-lasting fun – the Sport-Thieme “Jump” basketball unit.
What is the official competition height of a basketball hoop? The stipulated hoop height (upper edge of ring) is 3.05 m.

How big is a basketball court? The official FIBA-approved court size is 26-28 m long and 14-15 m wide. The centre circle and the circles around the free-throw line have a diameter of 3.60 m. The free-throw line is 5.8 m from the end lines and 4.6 m from the edge of the board. The three-point line is 6.25 m and, as of 2010, even 6.75 m away from the middle of the hoop.

Good to know about wheelchair basketball:
Wheelchair basketball is a sport for people with disabilities and a sport that features in the Paralympics. It is played by 2 teams of 5 players. The object is for each team to get the ball into the hoop on the other side whilst preventing the opposing team from scoring baskets. The court is the same as a standard basketball court and the hoop height is also 3.05 m.

This basketball unit is perfect for wheelchair basketball.

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Sport-Thieme® "Jump" Basketball Unit

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Basketball-Anlage Die Ware ist ok! Etwas enttäuscht war ich über die Lieferung in 2 Portionen und relativ spät. Die Thieme-Telefon-Hotline war allerdings vorbildlich freundlich und hilfsbereit!

  • Qualität
  • Design
  • Funktionalität

Rated on: 9 November 2011

Bought on: 9 November 2011


Tolles Pausen-highlight Wir haben die Basketballanlage bei uns im Pausenhof und es gibt jeden Tag den großen Run auf das Spielfeld. Einfach ist auch das Verstellen der Höhe und das Entfernen der Anlage, wenn der Platz andersweitig genutzt werden soll. Einzig das Brett wackelt wenn ein Ball nicht den Korb, sondern das Brett trifft. Ansonsten bereitet diese Anlage unseren Schülern die größte Freude in ihrer Großen Pause.

Rated on: 5 September 2008


Basketballanlage bei uns für die private Nutzung sehr gut geeignet bei einfacher Montage. Konstruktion macht einen sehr stabilen Eindruck, so das ich mir auch eine Nutzung im öffentlichen bereich gut vorstellen kann.

Rated on: 4 April 2007

Bought on: 1 January 2007

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