Victor® "Pro Court" Shuttles

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Victor® "Pro Court" Shuttles
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Tube of 12 "Pro Court" badminton shuttles

  • Made from selected duck feathers
  • With cork base
  • Natural feather badminton shuttle
  • Very good flight characteristics
The ideal training and centre shuttle with very good flight characteristics.

  • Made from selected duck feathers
  • 16 feathers per shuttle
  • High-quality cork base
  • Blue (= medium)
  • Practically packed in a protective tube
  • Good durability

Natural feather shuttles are used by all good leisure players and as a match shuttle in almost all leagues. The natural feather shuttle should weigh between 4.9 and 5.1 g, because the speed of the shuttle depends on the weight.

The Victor "Pro Court" shuttles have the shuttle speed 77. This number gives the shuttle weight in "grain", an English weight measurement. This means that the "Pro Court" shuttle is suitable for low-ceiling halls, high altitudes and warm sports halls.

Natural feather shuttles have considerably better playing characteristics compared to nylon shuttles. The flight trajectory of nylon shuttles is relatively round and even. In comparison, the flight trajectory of natural feather shuttles is quick and steep when moving up and down. Natural feather shuttles provide more opportunities for spin and enable better shuttle control. Because of the advantages, natural shuttles are becoming the preferred choice even in lower leagues.

Victor "Pro Court" badminton shuttles undergo very stringent quality control checks. To test the flight characteristics, each individual shuttle is put through a speed test either by hand or machine. Victor has its own production and is one are the largest manufacturers of shuttles in the world.

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Victor® "Pro Court" Shuttles

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Gut Das Produkt ist Qualitativ Ok.. Allerdings verlieren die Bälle relativ schnell ihre Federn. Eine Anmerkung möchte ich noch machen zu der Art wie das Produkt versendet wurde. Eine riesige Schachtel für eine kleine Rolle Badmingtonbälle...Einwenig nervig wenn man deshalb extra zur Post laufen muss weil das Paket deshalb nicht in den Milchkasten passt.

  • Qualität
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Rated on: 21 February 2017

Bought on: 21 January 2017


Erwartungen entsprochen

  • Qualität
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Rated on: 2 January 2016


Badmintonbälle Sehr gute Badmintonbälle mit hervorragenden Flugeigenschaften.

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