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Victor® 2 Piece Mobile Badminton Court

product details
Victor® 2 Piece Mobile Badminton Court
Victor® 2 Piece Mobile Badminton Court
Victor® 2 Piece Mobile Badminton Court
Victor® 2 Piece Mobile Badminton Court
Price (Each) Delivery time Quantity (Each)
* £4,964.–
AVAILABILITY: Leaves warehouse on Tue. 31.12.

*All prices quoted include statutory VAT. Delivery extra.

  • Mobile badminton court
  • Shock and impact absorbing properties
  • Ideal for multi use centres and clubs
  • Single colour surface structure
  • Made from high quality material
Victor Mobile Badminton Court - BWF (Badminton World Federation) approved

The mobile courts from Victor are the ideal sport courts for your badminton game. Whether for training or competitions, the courts will always provide you with an excellent stand.

Dimensions and weight:
  • LxW: approx. 15x6.66 m
  • Approx. 5 mm thick

Transportation and delivery:
  • Delivered in 2 rolls
  • Each roll is 3.33x15 m
  • With a roll up aid
  • Weight per roll: approx. 150 kg

Product details:

  • Special surface completely prevents slipping
  • Blue single colour surface structure
  • With yellow lines for good contrast and better overview
  • Completely clean court that is XP scratch-resistant
  • Excellent protection against scratches, sole and rubber marks
  • Minimised cleaning requirements

  • Honeycomb structure
  • Grained base frame which improves the overall stability
  • Shock/impact-absorbing effect

Dimensional stability:
  • Court traps air on specially designed recesses on the underside
  • No independent movement of the court

Fire classification:
  • M3 – the court has normal fire absorption, i.e. the court is not very flammable at all

  • Substrate must be flat and dry
  • No moisture must be able to get into the ground
  • Connection of the court halves with special VEU adhesive tape

Structure versions:
  • Bonded structure: the underside is fixed, the court is no longer mobile.
  • Free-standing structure: the court remains mobile and can be transported at any time

  • Roll up with available cardboard roll after use
  • Court must be rolled up tightly and without creases
  • Seams must be packed with protection
  • Courts must be stored in a dry place

Please note that no other objects or materials are to be stacked on top of the rolls.

  • Remove dust by sweeping once per day
  • Wipe the court with a damp cloth once per week
  • Do not use any chemical cleaning products
  • Surface protected antibacterially – simplifies cleaning the court

Target group
  • Badminton clubs
  • Multifunctional facilities
  • Leisure centres
  • Also available as a base frame for other sports

Advantages of mobile badminton courts:
  • Fast and simple set up and removal in just a few minutes
  • Can also be used on an hourly basis
  • Can be laid out on almost any tennis surface
  • Sales increases also for restaurateurs, shops etc. thanks to additional customer segment
  • Long service life
  • Durable
  • Complete cushioning

Do you have seasonal deviations in the use of your tennis courts? If, on average, one or more tennis courts is hardly or never used in your tennis hall, then you should consider temporary or seasonal conversions. The mobile badminton courts by Victor are the ideal solution for your tennis hall. Badminton enjoys ever-increasing popularity. Make use of this enthusiasm and equip your courts with mobile badminton courts. At least four courts fit on one tennis court.


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