Sport-Thieme® Badminton Posts

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Sport-Thieme® Badminton Posts

Precise height adjustment

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With a belt tensioning system W0-IL1163562 * £ 327.00
from 2 each £ 301.00
AVAILABILITY: Leaves warehouse in 7-10 days
With a pulley tensioning system W0-IL1163575 * £ 433.50
from 2 each £ 399.50
AVAILABILITY: Leaves warehouse in 7-10 days

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Free-standing, portable badminton posts - comply with the latest DIN EN 1509 and DBV regulations

  • Net weight ensures stability
  • Castors enable easy transport
  • Complies with the latest DIN EN 1509 and DBV regulations
  • The low height reduces the risk of accidents
  • Sturdy full-steel design, varnished
  • Includes two large castors mounted on the sides and four floor-protecting rubber buffers
  • Net not included
  • Complete with a belt tensioning mechanism (1171701) or pulley tensioning system (114707)

Technical information:
  • Tubing, 40x40x2 mm
  • Post height: 155 cm
  • Solid material in base, LxW: approx. 66x62 cm
  • Base diameter: 120 mm
  • Approx. 71.5 kg per post

  • Post can be dismantled
  • Good stability because of its heavy weight
  • Precise height adjustment
  • Quick to set up and dismantle
  • Easy to transport on castors
  • Protects the hall floor and stands stable thanks to the rubber pads
  • The low height when assembled, without additional struts, reduces the risk of injury.

On each foot there is a welded eyelet which will allow the net to be tensioned according to regulations.

Information on badminton:

Court: The badminton court is 13.40 m long and 6.1 m wide. The distance between posts is also 6.1 m. The court markings are 4-cm-wide lines in white. In a singles match, the court is only 5.18 m wide. When playing doubles, the full court is used.

Net height: The net height should be 1.55 m at the posts and 1.524 m in the middle. The net itself is 76 cm high.

Badminton for disabled people: In badminton for disabled people, the court size depends on whether or not wheelchairs are used and what level of disability the players have. The net height for wheelchair badminton is 1.40 m and 1.55 m if wheelchairs aren’t used. Sport-Thieme badminton posts are suitable for use in disabled badminton.

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Sport-Thieme® Badminton Posts With a belt tensioning system

Sport-Thieme® Badminton Posts With a pulley tensioning system

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Sport-Thieme® Badminton Posts

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