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Underwater Rugby Ball

product details
Underwater Rugby Ball
Price (Each) Delivery time Quantity (Each)
* £ 34.50
AVAILABILITY: Leaves warehouse in 5-7 days

*All prices quoted include statutory VAT. Delivery extra.

  • The official underwater rugby ball
  • Black/yellow
  • TV motif
  • Anti-slip
  • To be filled with salt water

Underwater rugby is a team sport which is unique in that the ball and players can move in three dimensions. UWR is the international standard abbreviation.

The game is played with a ball filled with salt water (which is about the size of a handball and looks like a classic football). It has a higher density than fresh water and sinks with a speed of 1 to 1.25 m/s. It is always played underwater and the ball must not rise above the water’s surface.

If the water has a depth of between 3.5 m and 5.0 m the goals are positioned on the bottom of the pool. They are heavy metal hoops with a diameter of 39-40 cm.

A game lasts 2x 15 minutes. Each team consists of 6 players and 6 substitutes as well as 3 reserve players. As circulation is greatly affected by the fast game and the players do not breath underwater, the players swap regularly. When players swap, there is a rule that a substitute can only enter the water once the other has completely left it.

Under water rugby requires high stamina and the ability to hold your breath. A feel for tactics is also necessary because correct positioning is crucial for good passing. When the ball is passed, it is pushed away similar to a shot put. Depending on power and speed, the ball can be accurately passed over several metres. On the whole the game is characterised by different demands of the players: not only strength is required, speed and mobility also play a part under water. In order to orientate oneself in nearby "free space" of the three dimensions, a good overview is also essential because an attack can come from above or below in underwater rugby.

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Underwater Rugby Ball

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Productratings from our shops:


Deze kaatst op de bodem van het zwembad Leuk om in een training te integreren van een aanleunende sport zoals zwemmen, of onderwaterhockey in het zwembad. Er zijn nog een klein beetje bijkomende kosten nodig in een doe-het-zelf-zaak voor wat extra materiaal en tijd om deze bal te vullen met een zoutoplossing. Mooi dat sportime de ballen levert met reeds behandelde oppervlakte, maar toch nog wat werk om deze nog te vullen met de juiste zoutoplossing in water. 1 keer meer werk is nog de moeite waard voor wat extra.plezier achteraf. 3 tot 5 ballen maken een opwarming nog leuker.

  • Kwaliteit
  • Design
  • Functionaliteit

Rated on: 16 February 2018

Bought on: 16 January 2018


nicht befüllt!!!! Ich habe es bisher immer noch nicht geschafft den Ball zu befüllen. Finde ich als großes Manko, dass der Ball unbefüllt kommt. Die Beschreibung dazu hilft nicht wirklich dabei. Habe das Problem schon angesprochen und Rücksendung angeboten bekommen. Das hilft dann aber nicht wirklich. Wir wollen ihn ja zum Tauchtraining einsetzen! Bleibe dran, bin aber insgesamt sehr unzufrieden damit.

  • Qualität
  • Design
  • Funktionalität

Rated on: 4 September 2014

Bought on: 21 November 2013


naja Ich hatte nicht darauf geachtet, dass die Bälle noch nicht befüllt mit Salzwasser verkauft wurden. Das Füllen war dann nicht so einfach. Den Ball gabs nur in weiß. Ich finde Rot oder Orange sieht man besser im Wasser.

  • Qualität
  • Design
  • Funktionalität

Rated on: 8 January 2014

Bought on: 2 December 2013


Sehr gut

  • Qualität
  • Design
  • Funktionalität

Rated on: 9 December 2013

Bought on: 14 November 2013


Prima Sportgerät Der UWR hat eine neue Dimension in unserem Training eröffnet. Diese Art von UW-Spiel hatten wir bisher noch nicht in unserem Trainingsplan.

  • Qualität
  • Design
  • Funktionalität

Rated on: 16 November 2013

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