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Agapito Chair with Ankle Disc

product details
Agapito Chair with Ankle Disc
Agapito Chair with Ankle Disc
Agapito Chair with Ankle Disc
Agapito Chair with Ankle Disc
Agapito Chair with Ankle Disc
Agapito Chair with Ankle Disc
Agapito Chair with Ankle Disc
Agapito Chair with Ankle Disc
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W0-IL3081802 * £664.–
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  • Gently keeps your joints mobile
  • Optimal mobility training
  • Incl. weatherproof single bench with armrests
  • Upright, ergonomic seating position

Product description

  • Gently keeps your joints mobile
  • Mobility training
  • Excellent for communication

  • Upright, ergonomic seating position
  • Non-slip balance disc
  • Limited angle of tilt
  • Incl. weatherproof single seat with armrests
  • Variable distance between seat and disc

Rotations using one or both feet stimulate your body from the hips down. Sideways movements in particular help to improve the supportive function of the ligaments and joints and play a key part in preventing falls.

Slight circular motions improve the mobility of the joints. Gentle stretches combined with controlled contractions increase sure-footedness and balance. Gait is also noticeably improved.

Place your feet on the on the ball-bearing-mounted disc and perform seated exercises that correspond with your personal well-being and motility. The technical limit of the non-slip foot balance disc allows for a rocking motion that corresponds to a natural motion sequence.

Exercises with one or both feet offer a variety of approaches for integrated training. The communicative aspect in the seating arrangement combined with other equipment from the VITALISPARK® range encourages you to find common ground and enjoy keeping active.
Size: LxWxH: 75x110x90 cm.

Technical Details

EN standard
DIN 16630
Max. number of users
Maximum drop height
<60 cm
Fall protection panels, Grass, Sand, Woodchip
For ages 14+


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