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Agapito Recumbent Exercise Bike

product details
Agapito Recumbent Exercise Bike
Agapito Recumbent Exercise Bike
Agapito Recumbent Exercise Bike
Agapito Recumbent Exercise Bike
Agapito Recumbent Exercise Bike
Agapito Recumbent Exercise Bike
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W0-IL3081600 * £908.–
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  • Mobilises your motor system
  • Perfect support for your cardiovascular functions
  • With non-slip pedal surfaces
  • Upright, ergonomic seating position
  • Certified by TÜV Süd
TÜV Süd Produktion/Sicherheit

Product description

  • Mobilises your motor system
  • Supports the cardiovascular system
  • Optional endurance performance
  • Excellent for communication

  • Non-slip pedal surface
  • Ball-bearing-mounted wheel guides
  • Upright, ergonomic seat position
  • Variable distance between seat and pedal
  • Closed pedal

Whether for a casual chat or even for a race, when it comes to riding a bike there are only winners! The ideal combination between sports and communication.

The sequence of motion known and loved by many is great fun, and everyone can find their ideal pace. No matter whether you want to pedal forwards or backwards, the sturdy bottom bracket mechanism with pedals can be moved both ways. The precise resistance of the wheels trains all your core muscles. Works your hips, knees and ankles depending on intensity and personal well-being. This leaves plenty of room for conversation – the communicative aspect of this piece of equipment is just as important as the physical.

Take a seat and relax thanks to the straight seating position; use the individual seat’s armrests as a handhold. Non-slip pedal surfaces for optimum grip. The completely closed bottom bracket is maintenance-free.

The highlight? The variable distance between the seat and pedals (set during assembly) – perfect for different sizes.
Size: LxWxH: 75x100x90 cm

Technical Details

DIN EN 16630
Max. number of users
Assembled dimensions (L×W×H)
75x100x90 cm
Safety area
4.00x3.66 m
Fall protection
15 m²
Maximum drop height
<60 cm
Bitumen-bound soil, Concrete/Stone, Fall protection panels, Grass, Sand, Woodchip
For ages 14+


certificate number approved by valid for
Z1_13_06_45556_037.PDF TÜV SÜD 3081600


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