Nordic Walking

Nordic walking equipment for beginners and professionals

Nordic walking equipment such as sticks, pads and bags can be ordered at a great price from Sport-Thieme's online shop. Professional accessories make sure that you feel at ease when doing sport, train effectively, have fun and eliminate any unnecessary risk of injury.

Leki® "Response" Nordic Walking Poles »

The robust and long-lasting walking poles
  • For beginners and health-conscious recreational athletes
  • Ergonomically shaped CorTec handles
  • Releasable Trigger strap
  • Removable Asphalt pad
  • Very good swing properties
Pair from £ 37.00

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Nordic walking equipment for beginners and professionals
Nordic walking is a trend sport for young and old and is ideally suited for healthy cardiovascular training. With the use of sticks, joints are relieved, the whole body is trained and up to 40 percent more calories are burned compared to conventional walking. As Nordic walking is easy to learn and you can control the intensity yourself, [the sport is equally suitable for beginners and professionals]. The right Nordic walking equipment is an important requirement for getting started successfully.

Essential Nordic walking equipment
The most important part of Nordic walking equipment is good sticks. They should be the appropriate length and have the right feel. Padded Nordic walking gloves not only look good, they also support successful training. A reflective armband ensures safety in times of fading light, in case training takes longer than expected. Rubber pads for the tips of the sticks are also a standard piece of Nordic walking equipment. They lessen the impact and give the sticks more grip when walking on tarmac. So that you do not overexert yourself and you train within the optimal heart rate range, we recommend you purchase a heart rate monitor to complete your Nordic walking equipment.