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Wacky disc-throwing fun for everyone!

product details
KanJam Fun

Can be played anywhere
Simple rules
Robust equipment

KanJam Fun
KanJam Fun
KanJam Fun
KanJam Fun
KanJam Fun Fun
KanJam Fun
KanJam Fun
KanJam Fun
KanJam Fun
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KanJam Fun Fun W0-IL1682104 * £49.50
Leaves warehouse Tue. 18/05 - Wed. 19/05
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KanJam is the new, action-packed disc-throwing game from the USA. Mega fun for everyone – for boys or girls, children or adults, small groups or whole classes of schoolchildren! From couch potatoes to well-trained sport junkies, everyone can join in.
  • In the garden with family, at the lake with friends or in school sports
  • Very simple rules – can be learnt in a few minutes
  • Does not require any particular sportiness: everyone can join in
  • Develops quick reactions, hand-eye coordination, speed
  • Complete sets: everything you need to get going anywhere

Product description

KanJam is fun for everyone: young or old, sporty or not
KanJam was developed by students in the USA as a party and leisure game. The game is easy to explain: teams try to throw a disc into a large container (Kan) or deflect it (Jam) to win points: one player throws, while the other can redirect or lengthen the shot if necessary. This exciting throwing game is really easy to get the hang of, it's great fun and can be set up anywhere in an instant: play in the park, in the garden, on the beach or in a sports hall. The KanJam set contains everything you need to get going and can be stored and transported in its practical box. This action-packed throwing competition requires quick reactions, skill, hand-eye coordination and teamwork – but athleticism is not required to be successful. People of all sizes can participate in KanJam. It is therefore not only suitable as a leisure game with family and friends, but is also great for variety in school sports, where all pupils will have fun and success.

Included in the KamJam fun set
  • 2x snap-together Kans
  • Height approx. 50 cm, ø approx. 43 cm
  • 2x KanJam logo stickers for the Kans
  • 1x official KanJam disc
  • 1x playing instructions
  • In a cool KanJam customised storage box

Included in the KamJam mini fun set
  • 2x snap-together Kans
  • Height: approx. 22.5 cm, ø approx. 19 cm
  • 2x KanJam logo sticker
  • 1x official KanJam discs
  • 1x playing instructions

KanJam assembly
There are two goals, the so-called "Kans". Each Kan is made from a strong plastic sheet that is rolled up and snapped together to make a cylinder (height: 50 cm, ø 43 cm). On the upper end of one side is a target slot (HxW: 7.5x30 cm); the upper side and underside are open. The Kans are arranged approx. 15 m from each other.

KanJam game
In KamJam, two teams play against each other. Each team consists of 2 players – a thrower and a deflector. The players of each team stand at the opposing goals. The thrower stands behind the goal and tries to get the disc into, or hit, the opposite goal. The deflector helps the thrower by trying to redirect or lengthen imprecise throws so that they still get to the Kan. The deflector is free to move around and direct the disc (once) per throw by hitting or nudging it in the direction of the Kan. However, he/she may not hit the disc more than once, catch it or carry it. After the thrower has thrown, they swap roles once before the other team's turn. The aim is to be the first team to reach exactly 21 points.

  • Dinger (1 point): redirected hit. Deflector redirects thrown disc to hit the side of the goal.
  • Deuce (2 points): direct hit. The thrower hits the side of the Kan unassisted by the deflector, also if the disc goes inside and bounces back out again.
  • Bucket (3 points): Slam dunk. Deflector redirects the thrown disc so that it lands inside the goal, through the top of the goal or into the slot.
  • Instant win: direct entry. The thrower lands the disc inside the Kan, through the top of the goal or into the slot. The team wins instantly and the opposing team does not get a "last throw" option.

General KanJam rules
1. The thrower has to remain behind the goal when throwing. If they overstep the line, they will not score any points.
2. No points are scored when the disc touches the floor before it hits the Kan.
3. No points are scored when the deflector touches the disc more than once, or catches or carries it.
4. Three points are awarded to a team if the opposing team interfere in a throw to defend the goal. If the score is 19 or 20 points, 1 or 2 points are given.
5. A team must reach exactly 21 points in order to win. If a throw raises the points score to over 21, the most recently won points are deducted from the total. For example: if a team has 20 points and wins a Bucket with 3 points, their score is reduced to 17.
6. The teams have to have the same number of throws before the game ends. The exception to this rule is the "Instant Win".
7. In the case of a tiebreak, the game continues until one team has won more points than the other in one round.

Discover this cool disc-throwing game, where everyone wants to join in and all have fun! This trend from America provides exciting competitions in leisure times, schools and clubs: KanJam!

Safety information

Not suitable for children under 3 years.

To be used under the direct supervision of an adult.

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4.78 of 5 Stars: Very good

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