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Sport-Thieme "Playground" Games Bin

product details
Sport-Thieme "Playground" Games Bin
Price (Set) Delivery time Quantity (Set)
* £508.–
AVAILABILITY: Leaves warehouse on Wed. 22.07.
You save £116.65

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This Sport-Thieme "Playground" games bin is ideal for active breaks. Thanks to the large selection of playing equipment, there is something for every child. The wide variety of games means the possibilities are endless.
  • Strong plastic bin
  • Portable with 2 wheels
  • Bright yellow colour for better visibility
  • Incl. equipment
  • Lockable, lock and two keys included
Store your playing equipment securely in the games bin
The Sport-Thieme games bin is a yellow plastic bin and has a capacity of 240 litres. Thanks to the 2 strong wheels, the bin can be easily transported from one place to the next. To ensure that nothing gets lost, the games bin can be secured with a padlock (supplied, incl. 2 keys).

The Sport-Thieme "Playground" games bin set includes:
  • 1 games bin
  • 1 Schildkröt neoprene hook-and-loop ball set
  • 1 set of ground markers numbered 1-30
  • 1 Sport-Thieme "Street 3x3" basketball
  • 1 Kogelan "Yellow Line" football
  • 1 Sport-Thieme multi ball
  • 1 OgoSport "Super Disk" racquet game
  • 1 Jog Ball set
  • 1 Indiaca "Play" ball
  • 1 scoop game set
  • 1 Sport-Thieme Catch Ball
  • 1 Bash Ball set
  • 1 Tualoop set
  • 1 Bassalo set
  • 1 Nerf Vortex Mega Howler
  • 1 set of 3 foam dice
  • 4 Sport-Thieme "Soft" throwing disc (1 blue, 1 yellow, 1 green, 1 red)
  • 1 Phlat Ball XT
  • 1 Loopies
  • 1 can throwing game set
  • 1 Uhlsport reflex ball
  • 1 Sport-Thieme "Street" football

Set Sport-Thieme "Playground" Games Bin
Article Price per unit
Schildkröt Funsports Neoprene Hook-and-Loop Ball Set 1x Each Schildkröt Funsports Neoprene Hook-and-Loop Ball Set £13.95
Scoop Game 1x Set Scoop Game £10.50
Sport-Thieme "Soft" Throwing Disc 1x Each Sport-Thieme "Soft" Throwing Disc Green £7.95
Floor Markers 1x Set Floor Markers Numbers 1–50 £65.95
Sport-Thieme Catch Ball 1x Each Sport-Thieme Catch Ball £19.95
Sport-Thieme "Soft" Throwing Disc 1x Each Sport-Thieme "Soft" Throwing Disc Red £7.95
Sport-Thieme Without Contents Games Bin 1x Each Sport-Thieme Without Contents Games Bin £164.–
Sport-Thieme "Street 3x3" Basketball 1x Each Sport-Thieme "Street 3x3" Basketball £18.95
Tualoop 1x Each Tualoop Tualoop for 2 players £28.95
Phlat Ball Phlat Ball 1x Each Phlat Ball Phlat Ball XT £17.95
Can Knockdown 1x Set Can Knockdown £18.95
Sport-Thieme "Kogelan Supersoft" Football 1x Each Sport-Thieme "Kogelan Supersoft" Football 4 £16.50
Bassalo 1x Each Bassalo £20.95
Loopies 1x Each Loopies £11.95
Uhlsport Reflex Ball 1x Each Uhlsport Reflex Ball £23.50
Sport-Thieme "Multi" Ball 1x Each Sport-Thieme "Multi" Ball Yellow,ø 21 cm, 400 g £12.95
Nerf Vortex Mega Howler 1x Each Nerf Vortex Mega Howler £23.50
Ogo Sport "Super Disk" Racquet Game 1x Each Ogo Sport "Super Disk" Racquet Game £25.95
Foam Dice 1x Set of 3 Foam Dice £18.95
Sport-Thieme "Street" Football 1x Each Sport-Thieme "Street" Football Size 4 £30.50
Jog Ball 1x 3-piece set Jog Ball £16.50
Sport-Thieme "Soft" Throwing Disc 1x Each Sport-Thieme "Soft" Throwing Disc Blue £7.95
BS "Bounce Tennis" Racquet Game 1x Set BS "Bounce Tennis" Racquet Game £21.95
Indiaca "Play" Ball 1x Each Indiaca "Play" Ball £10.50
Sport-Thieme "Soft" Throwing Disc 1x Each Sport-Thieme "Soft" Throwing Disc Yellow £7.95
Grand total: £624.65
You save: £116.65
Set-price: £508.–
Play without limits
The Sport-Thieme games bin offers a variety of leisure and exercise games. Whether skipping alone, playing badminton in pairs or making waves swinging the parachute in a group, children have the opportunity to make use of open spaces with active break times.

Make this break time an active one – with the Sport-Thieme games bin with contents.

Safety information

Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Contains individual parts that may be swallowed. Danger of suffocation.

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Sport-Thieme "Playground" Games Bin

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