Gymnastics Mats

Gymnastics mats with Velcro security system

Thick and thin, large and small –gymnastics mats for children's gymnastics or competitive sports –at Sport-Thieme we have them all. Gymnastics mats differ in material and padding type depending on their use. We have gymnastics mats from our own Sport-Thieme collection as well as the well-known Reivo brands with Velcro security system and fastening flaps. Order in various sizes and colours.

Gymnastics mats for children and apparatus gymnastics
Gymnastics mats have many different uses. They are an important piece of safety equipment in apparatus gymnastics and soften the impact during dismounts and jumps. In floor exercises, they provide a cushioned surface. Gymnastics mats act as a soft and well-insulated flooring, on which children can exercise comfortably. The insulating function and a hygienic surface finish are important in mats for toddlers – in sports mats for apparatus gymnastics the emphasis is on cushioning.

Gymnastics mats for different requirements
Gymnastics mats cushion the impact for exercises culminating in a firm dismount. At the same time they should be strong enough so that the gymnast does not fall when dismounting the apparatus. Thicker soft floor mats are perfect for soft cushioning and extra safety from higher jumps. Light exercise mats are ideal for kindergartens and primary schools. They are easy for children to carry themselves and then store away when exercises are over. Mats with less padding and greater firmness are perfect for the floor exercises. Buy the right gymnastics mats for you quickly and easily from the Sport-Thieme online shop.

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