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Barbells Bars

Barbells and matching weights

With barbells and matching weights you can perform a variety of fitness exercises to specifically strengthen individual muscle groups. At Sport-Thieme you will find a wide selection of barbells for different training goals: whether long weight bars, curl bars or triceps bars.

Versatile muscle training
Free weight training is a good way to train individual muscle groups with targeted exercises. For this you are best equipped with barbells and discs. Depending on the intensity and training goal, you can adjust the weight of the barbell by putting on lighter or heavier discs. There are different systems for attaching weights. Quick release locks are simply pressed together to open and are quick to put on and take off. Threaded locks have to be screwed on but they are more stable and safer. In an affordable barbell set you receive a complete package consisting of bar, weights and locks.

Curl bars and triceps bars
Which barbell is appropriate depends on the respective training goals. In general, long bars can lift more weights than short bars. An alternative that is particularly well suited for biceps exercises is the so-called curl bar. With its curved grip it allows for a gentler workout for the wrists than with straight bars. A triceps bar is optimally aligned for training the triceps. It allows different types of grips for variable triceps training. We also offer special competition barbells for competitions.