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Weights for fitness training

Weights and accessories are essential in fitness training. Whether barbells, adjustable dumbbells or comprehensive weight sets: at Sport-Thieme you will find a wide selection of various weights for the gym or at home. Buy your weights now online from our weights shop.

Weight training equipment and accessories for fitness

Working out with free weights and accessories specifically strengthens the muscles and promotes overall fitness. Short hand weights and kettlebells with plastic coating have proven to be successful for aerobics and gymnastics classes. They are comfortable to hold and increase the intensity of the respective fitness exercises. Aerobic dumbbells are available in different weight classes. The lightest version weighs only 0.5 kilograms, and the heaviest usually 10 kilograms. Dumbbells or adjustable dumbbells with cast iron discs are recommended for strength training for loads of up to 30 kilograms. You have the choice of weights with welded discs or weight bars with exchangeable weights.

Bodypump: fitness training with barbells

Fitness training with barbells is effective in practiced in many gyms. In the bodypump workout you strengthen all muscle groups, improve endurance and burn lots of calories. According to your needs, you can put several weight discs on your bodypump barbell. The weight discs are coated with plastic so that the floor of the exercise room is not damaged when putting down the weights. At the Sport-Thieme fitness shop you can find original bodypump weights and accessories.