Togu® Colibri "Supersoft" Handball

Versatile, soft ball for worry-free training

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Togu® Colibri "Supersoft" Handball  Men

Surface has a pleasant grip

Togu® Colibri "Supersoft" Handball  Men
Togu® Colibri "Supersoft" Handball  Men Men
Togu® Colibri "Supersoft" Handball  Men
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The Togu Colibri "Supersoft" handball is perfect for training and for beginners.

  • Especially soft – removes any worry from catching
  • Good grip and abrasion-resistant
  • Easy to spot
  • Incl. needle valve
The Togu Colibri "Supersoft" handball: the perfect training and beginners' ball
The Togu Colibri "Supersoft" handball is a particularly soft and strong ball. Have no fear when catching thanks to the ball's softness. This makes it very well suited to use with beginners, e.g. in schools, rehabilitation and therapy. The needle valve allows you to inflate or deflate the ball. This lets you adjust the ball's bounce and properties at any time. The ball's bright colour makes the Colibri "Supersoft" handball easy to spot.

Product information:
  • Fine foam material
  • Pink

Junior/women's version:
  • Size 2
  • ø 16 cm
  • Weight: 300 g

Men's version:
  • Size 3
  • ø 18 cm
  • 400 g

Are you looking for a ball that has lots of different uses? Then go ahead and order your Togu Colibri "Supersoft" handball from our online shop and see for yourself.

Togu® Colibri "Supersoft" balls

Supersoft, super grippy, super safe. Extra-fine foam material and a special surface finish make the Colibri "Supersoft" balls by Togu the perfect range of balls for nurseries, schools, rehabilitation and therapy purposes. The balls are very soft, have very good grip and are abrasion-resistant. Their softness takes away any fears of catching and can stimulate your sense of touch. Pain caused by ball contact is avoided. The balls are hard-wearing and durable. Thanks to the needle valve the balls can be adjusted to suit different needs e.g. add bounce, make them softer etc. Anti-static.

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Togu® Colibri "Supersoft" Handball

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Rated on: 13 November 2016

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Toller Ball Wir benützen den Ball in der Schule für verschiedene Wurfspiele. Für Völkerball ist der Ball bestens geeignet, da er nicht so schnell kaputt geht wie Softbälle mit einer Beschichtung.

Rated on: 20 June 2012