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Balance trainer

Everything for your balance and coordination training:

Balance trainers are excellent aids for coordination training and rehabilitation. Sport-Thieme offers you a comprehensive range of balance pads and balance discs etc. With our products, you can exercise whilst standing up, kneeling or lying down depending on which muscle groups you particularly want to target.

Training products for fitness and rehabilitation
Balance training is often used in fitness as well as in therapy. The principle is simple: when you exercise on a flexible, unstable surface, the body has to maintain its balance through corresponding compensatory movements. This also activates deep muscle groups and mobilises joints. At the same time, exercising on a balance trainer develops body perception and coordination skills. Physiotherapists use balance trainers such as balance discs or therapy discs during rehabilitation, often after knee, foot or hip injuries. Balance training in sports for older people can help fall prevention.

Different types of balance trainers
You will find many different types of balance trainers in Sport-Thieme’s extensive range. Sport and therapy discs can move in all directions and can both turn and wobble. Depending on the model, you should place a non-slip base underneath the sports disc for increased safety during exercise. Other popular balance trainers are rockers or balance cushions. They are often used in Pilates. In our online shop, you can also find exercise DVDs and guides for using balance trainers.

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