Aqua fitness

Aqua Aerobics: a large selection of training equipment

Aqua fitness is an effective form of muscle building and endurance training in the water. At Sport-Thieme you will find a large selection of appropriate training equipment for a variety of modern aqua aerobics exercises including aqua jogging, aqua pilates, aqua boxing etc.

Aqua Fitness: a large selection of training equipment
Aqua fitness has become a truly popular sport. It is no longer only about simple aqua aerobics – when training in water, there are various highly efficient disciplines available nowadays, such as aqua jogging, aqua cycling, aqua pilates and aqua boxing. They are grouped together under the term aqua fitness. Sport in the water ensures very effective muscle building and endurance training that is easy on the joints. The water gives the body buoyancy so that the weight is reduced enormously. The joints are thus significantly less strained than when doing exercises on the ground. At the same time the resistance in the water is higher than in the air and movements therefore require much more muscle power.

Effective training with aqua fitness training equipment
Within the extensive range available at Sport-Thieme, you will find professional training equipment for a variety of aqua fitness disciplines for both shallow and deep water. They support you in many exercises with carefully designed details and make aqua fitness training even more effective. Equipment such as jogging belts or leg floats ensure more buoyancy during aqua jogging. Foam footpads such as, for example, the Aqua Twins, are suitable for step exercises. They give more buoyancy and at the same time increase resistance. Dumbbells or special gloves increase water resistance and ensure an effective arm and upper body workout during aqua fitness.