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Sport-Thieme swim shop

If you like to swim, then you’ve come to the right place at the Sport-Thieme swim shop. Whether recreational or competitive: We have fashionable and highly functional swimwear for men, women and children from all the best-known brands. Our range includes modern training equipment for aqua-fitness and all the accessories you’ll need for fun in the water.

Swimming: the best equipment from well-known brands
Swimming practice requires the best swimwear and equipment. Swimming trunks, swimsuits and jammers should not only be fashionable and stylish, but they should also feel comfortable in the pool. At Sport-Thieme we have the right swimming trunks, swimsuits and jammers from all the major manufacturers such as Tyr, Speedo, Arena, Maru and Adidas. We also have the best high-tech swimwear which meets the highest standards for competitions and triathlons. We can even keep you warm on cooler days with our thermal jacket when you get out of the water.
Swimming: training equipment and accessories
In addition to accessories such as swimming goggles, bathing caps and swimming rucksacks, our swim shop at Sport-Thieme also has state of the art training equipment for aqua fitness from all the major manufacturers, such as Beco and Aquasphere. Water gymnastics is a gentle alternative to conventional strength and endurance training, and is perfect for the older generation. The water games and fun swimming aids are also great at getting children into the water.