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The Original Deuserband is a classic, physiotherapy fitness band and is a gym for your handbag.

  • Compact storage
  • Trains different muscle groups
  • Rubber resistance band
  • 100 cm long and approx. 35 mm wide
  • Incl. exercise instructions
The Allround Sports Studio
The Original Deuserband is the perfect fitness band. As

balancing muscle strength after an accident or illness and for every standard sport. Endless rubber band approx. 35 mm wide and 100 cm long, instruction booklet included.
Erich Deuser was a masseur from Düsseldorf, in Germany before Sepp Herberger gave him a post as a masseur in 1951 for the German national football team. Deuser has been a pioneer in the area of using elastic exercise bands for training sportspeopleand for rehabilitation. Deuser is the name chosen by the Heinrich Deike manufacturing company in Hildesheimer, who developed the Deuser-Band.

Fitness Band for quick use
With the Original Deuserband you don't have to rely on the large gym equipment. Train just as easily at home or on the go. The included exercise instructions show you various training possibilities for improving muscles, coordination and endurance. Start today!

History of the Deuserband:
The Original Deuserband consists of natural rubber and is a ring shaped, closed, wide fitness band for strengthening muscles. The Deuserband has its name from its patent owner, developer and physiotherapist Erich Deuser, and the Hildesheim factory Heinrich Deike where the band was first made. Erich Deuser is a pioneer in this area of using elastic exercise bands for training athletes and for rehabilitation use. Today, the German national team train with the Deuserband.

Whether as a hobby - or for competitive sports, strengthen your muscles when and where you like, with the Original Deuserband.

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Deuser Band Assessment Very functional in its uses. The instructions are good and clear.

Rated on: 25 April 2007

Bought on: 1 September 2006


DEUSERBAND is still DEUSERBAND! The "old" reliable flexible and proven training and exercise aid is great for hobby and higher performance work.

Rated on: 15 March 2007

Bought on: 30 November 1999

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